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Vinyl wraps gained popularity with commercial advertising. Allowing businesses to advertise on their vehicles. This has grown and transitioned over to the everyday vehicle. Allowing anyone to customize the look of their vehicles with many different colors and finishes. Vinyl wraps allow you to not only change the look of your vehicle, but adds a layer of protection, so if you go to sell your vehicle you simply just peel the vinyl off and you have protected paint underneath. Here at Stockyard Detailing, we only use the highest quality vinyls from brands like 3M, Vvivid, Avery Dennison, Orafol, and many others. We are also certified by 3M and continue to expand our education in wraps and the industry to make sure our quality is always a step above.


All full wrap jobs include a full exterior detail and clay bar to make sure the surface is clean and dirty free. We then disassemble the vehicle to allow us to wrap all edges possible. Our aim is to make the vehicle look like the wrap is how the vehicle came from the factory. After the wrapping is finished we clean the vehicle again and top it witha 6 month spray sealant. We also offer ceramic coating packages for added long term protection.

For chrome delete and accent packages we clean the surfaces that are being wrapped to make sure the vinyl will last a long time and look good for years to come.



Vinyl wrapping your vehicle allows you to customize the look without the expense of having a full respray paint job done. This allows you to not only change the color and look whenever you like, but also adds protection to the paint underneath. We also offer fully customized graphic prints, and use an amazing graphic designer if you are needing help with designs.

All vehicles are disassembled and wrapped to ensure the wrap job looks its best and hiding the fact that it is even wrapped. Our goal is to always people be surprised its even wrapped.
Also many customers choose to add a Ceramic Coating to help protect the wrap. Prices start at $200 for Xpel Fusion 4 year coating!

Feel free to call/message us or stop by the shop to check out the many color samples we have on hand!



We can add stripes, do a full roof, hood. Whatever small changes you want to add to the vehicle we can get that done for you.

We also offer STEK DYNOblack, and other STEK Fashion PAINT PROTECTION FILM, that can be used for black roofs, etc with a 7 year warranty and self healing abilities, versus using a traditional vinyl.

Feel free to call/message us or stop by the shop to check out the many color samples we have on hand!



We can black out or color match chromed trim to give your ride a cleaner look.

Feel free to call/message us or stop by the shop to check out the many color samples we have on hand!